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No Pepper

An interesting take on Mark Teixeira's effective use of an uppercut swing, by Jonas Fester. I think the reason guys like Teixeira and Howard get away with it is because of how quick their wrists are.

Wezen-Ball looks back at one of the iconic baseball card series, the Donruss Diamond Kings. I loved my Darren Daulton 1993 Diamond King card as much as a boy can love anything. Find it, and all the others, here.

David Appelman has unveiled wRC+ on Fangraphs. It's lean, it's mean, and it includes baserunning and park adjustments. Here's the career leaderboard. Did you know Mario Mendoza ranks below Eddie Cicotte?

DanUpBaby at VEB has another excellent dramatization, this time about the non-tenders. Let's just say it features Charon, the ferryman of the River Styx.

This BBTF discussion features a link to a fascinating article that drills down into offensive distribution to see the effect on the Pythagorean expectation. You can also find other links on the same topic in the comments at BBTF. Even if the territory has been trod before, I found it interesting nonetheless.