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No Pepper

Maury Brown has the complete list of Rule 5 draftees. Kevin Goldstein adds his (subscriber-only) analysis; he lists Rangers' pick Ben Snyder as most likely to stick in the majors (2-1 odds).

Why an all-decade Pirates team is like absolute zero. Jason Kendall's career has been in a Bose-Einstein condensate state for years, am I right? 

Sky Kalkman is not only not forgotten, he's not even gone! You can still find him on Twitter and he often stirs up good discussion. Case in point: Dave Cameron on the marginal value of a win to a team.

Sean Forman is now a member of the BBWAA. That fact speaks to a deep level of justice in the universe. What percentage of BBWAA members do you figure use BB-Ref on a daily basis? 80%? My guess is that's too low.

It's nearly impossible to tell when Carson Cistulli is being serious. The fact that he fits Charles Simic in with Mike Lupica and Billy Madison suggests we shouldn't worry about it, since he's always entertaining.