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No Pepper

Today is arbitration offer day. Dave Cameron has an interesting look at a team's decision to offer arbitration or not. If I had to guess the single biggest mistake teams will make this offseason it will be failing to offer arbitration out of fear that the player will accept. 

Tim Dierkes has a comprehensive guide to free agent arbitration offers. Teams have to make their offers by 12am EST.

Arbitration offers don't get your blood-boiling? Fungoes counsels patience and backs it up with a histogram of historical activity. Since 2000, the single day with the greatest activity has been December 6th. This is probably the best visualization I have seen all week. 

Drew Fairservice gives anything but fair service to the various projection algorithms. He includes a comically bad pick for each; I especially enjoyed the "LOLine" for ZiPS, Jeremy Guthrie.

Maury Brown goes into depth about Tim Lincecum's potential near-certain record-breaking arbitration case. Keep in mind the disaster scenario for the Giants is for Lincecum to win at arbitration, which would set him down the highest possible path for years to come. This should keep them from low-balling him too much.

I missed his birthday on the 29th, but here's a great collection of calls by Vin Scully. Happy 82 to one of the best.