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A Few AFL PITCHf/x Leaders

I like the Arizona Fall League. I've been tracking and classifying a lot pitches, thanks to the PITCHf/x installations in Peoria and Surprise. Nearly 10,000 pitches through Saturday's Rising Stars Game.

Let's take a look-see at some of my favorite stats. These are based only on PITCHf/x data. Some, such as ground ball rates, can be expanded to cover the non-PITCHf/x games, too. But I'm not. I'm also collapsing across pitch types due to sample size issues and a lack of finality on many of those classifications.

Anyway, on with the Strasburg. I mean Storen. I mean show.

The minimum pitch total I'm using is 59. Read Hardball Times on Tuesday and you'll figure out why. Hint: Aaron Crow's pitch total.


Lee Hyde 0.458
Sergio Santos 0.396
Michael Dunn 0.377
Scott Gorgen 0.373
Craig Kimbrel 0.353
Robert Wooten 0.345
Stephen Strasburg 0.339
Daniel Moskos 0.333
Zach Braddock 0.333
Jenrry Mejia 0.317
Drew Storen 1.4
Michael Dunn 1.4
Zach Braddock 1.4
Robert Wooten 1.4
Daniel Meszaros 1.4
Dustin Richardson 1.5
Matthew Long 1.6
Mike Leake 1.6
Logan Ondrusek 1.6
Aaron Hartsock 1.6
In Wide Zone
Wilton Lopez 0.646
Logan Ondrusek 0.646
Mike Parisi 0.632
Jeff Lyman 0.604
Carlton Smith 0.597
Ryohei Tanaka 0.591
Bryan Augenstein 0.589
Ian Kennedy 0.580
Michael Dunn 0.579
Drew Storen 0.577
Aaron Hartsock 75%
Stephen Strasburg 73%
Carlton Smith 69%
Josh Wilkie 67%
Connor Graham 64%
Jeff Mandel 63%
Jenrry Mejia 63%
Wilton Lopez 62%
Tommy Mendoza 59%
Javy Guerra 59%
Wilton Lopez 0%
Spencer Steedley 0%
Steve Hirschfeld 0%
Brennan Garr 4%
Sergio Santos 5%
Joshua Fields 6%
Javy Guerra 6%
Aaron Hartsock 6%
Daniel Meszaros 7%
Drew Storen 8%


Notice how well Mejia and Strasburg rank in Whiffs and Ground balls? Storen is all over the place, along with Dunn.