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Minnesota: Fielding TargetView Before & After JJ Hardy


Twins 2009 UZR/150, before JJ Hardy/Carlos Gomez Trade

See the excellent BtB analysis of the trade HERE.

Team Fielding Comparison after the jump.


Twins UZR/150, after JJ Hardy/Carlos Gomez Trade

Revised Chart assumption: Span moves to CF and Cuddyer takes RF.


Metrodome Target Field Difference
LF 343' 339' -4'
CLF 385' 377' -8'
CF 408' 404' -4'
CRF 367' 367' 0'
RF 327' 328' +1'

Field Dimension Comparisons


Questions for consumption: How will the shorter wall at Target Field (not affiliated with TargetView) in LF-CF change the fielding needs for Minnesota? Does this make the acquistion of Hardy even more valuable by 'walling-off' the left fielder with higher-UZR fielders? Does this give the Twins more flexibility in finding a powerbat-but-can't-field-Donkey-type in LF?

Or is it the other way around? Would the Twins have been better off by pursuing a better 2B to protect the holes in Right, assuming that bringing in the LF wall actually makes the left fielder better by giving less ground to cover?


Edit: Here's the original and probably mistaken UZR TargetView Chart with Cuddyer in center -




Data Sources: Fangraphs (UZR/150), Wiki (Field Dimensions)