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No Pepper

How Jared Diamond explains the usefulness of strikeouts, or what Mark Reynolds and Anna Karenina have in common. I think what you're really seeing here is some other cause which is correlated with strikeouts that is eliminated as players move up the ladder. Just for convenience, I'll call it "batting eye." 

Jim Bouton's triumphant return to the major leagues after eight seasons in the wild. If you haven't read Ball Four then I suggest you add it to your holiday gift list.

Photographer Scott Rovak captures the moment at which Albert Pujols takes the life of an innocent baseball. Whoever titled this iteration of the file did so "albert_mash_blog.jpg" which would make for a killer dance move or album title.

FanGraphs has undertaken fan projections for all players. Since fans are most likely to project totals for the players they know best, I suspect that ordinal rankings may be accurate but that all players will be projected optimistically. But of course this is a cooperative game and so it is subject to assumptions about knowledge of the participants.

There is essentially zero correlation between Game Score consistency (as measured by standard deviation) and won-loss record. Game Score goes on my list of all-time least favorite metrics but Bill Baer provides interesting insight nonetheless.