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No Pepper

New title, same great links. No pepper against the fence.

Shawn Hoffman takes a swing at the revenue-sharing kerfuffle. He notes that the whole dispute is an artifact of the secrecy of the teams' actual numbers.

Professor Morong offers at the list of 300 times on base/300 total bases seasons. Only 19 players have done it at least twice in their careers. I learned from this that Paul Waner's nickname was the Big Poison, which is awesome.

Is math a basic human instinct? You wouldn't guess so based on, well, intuition, but some evidence suggests otherwise.

NPR's Jennifer Ludden has a mound visit with Strat-O-Matic inventor Hal Richman and researcher Scott Simkus. They discuss the history and future of Strat as well as the new Negro League card set. 

Tom M. Tango, with a swing a long drive, hits the Grand CSV of Unification. Let your databases interact with impunity.