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Assorted Links

Jonah Keri explains why the Yankees should go after young players.'re saying Matt Holliday, right? 

Doug Glanville explains the allure of free agency, or you never knew Arlington could be so seductive.

Dan Turkenkopf peeks his head above ground and declares four more years of HR/FB park factors. "Notorious Hitter's Park" Citizen's Bank Park's four-year average is a scant 94, while the bottom three are Petco (75), Kaufmann (78), and Busch Stadium (84).

Is it time to rethink the traditional fantasy auction? Brian Mills suggests a second-price, sealed bid auction. For my part, you can have my open auction if you're willing to come to my mom's basement and fight me for it.

Colin Wyers has a short guide to setting up a Retrosheet SQL database. He has promised more detailed instructions to follow.

Maury Brown has revenue sharing figures for 2002, 2003, and 2005. How about Les Expos?