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Time To Move On

Thanks for everything, everyone.  With a great lady, a new house, and (hopefully) a career upgrade, the time I have for this hobby has taken a hit.  Overall that's a good thing, but for my role with this site, it's not.  Therefore, I'm going to step away from managing and writing at BtB and leave you in the capable hands of Tommy Bennett and the rest of the writing team.

Thanks to RJ, who brought me on board last August and is one of the best at combining data with convincing, non-numeric arguments.  Thanks to the SBN crew, including Jim, Trei, Chris, Tyler, and Eric, who have many more tricks up their sleeves.  Thanks to the writers who have been part of the ride, you're all even more talented than you think.  Thanks to all of you readers who have spent time commenting at the site -- the discussions have always been my favorite part.  And thanks to Tommy Bennett, who has agreed to take over the managerial reigns.  Tommy's a really smart guy with great ideas, and I expect him to take BtB to the next level.

Where am I going?  Who knows...  I'm not disappearing, but snarky discourse in comment sections around the web are probably my limit for a while.  Feel free to drop me a line to talk baseball any time at or

Play nice.  Ask questions.  Go Pirates.

- Sky