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Assorted Links

J.C. Bradbury takes on the world! He argues players peak at age 29-30, then Phil Birnbaum replies, then Bradbury fires back armed with graphs, then Colin Wyers gets into it. Bottom line is that this stuff is hard and any attempt to analyze the data will include assumptions that are open to criticism. Stay tuned.

What is the value of inductive reasoning? Would your answer change if I told you you had only one data point? What about if I told you that outsiders (Football or otherwise) have systematic bias as well?

The Last Expo's 2004 is a living reminder that statistical flukes happen all the time. He somehow scored more runs than Ichiro! in the same year that the latter broke the single season hits record.

How to become a trade-rumormonger, or everything you ever wanted to know about Jon Heyman's job but were afraid to ask, by Matt Swartz. Sadly it is behind BPro's pay wall.

My favorite law review note of all time: "The Common Law Origins of the Infield-Fly Rule." For fun, read the footnotes.