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2010 UZR Projections - Updated 11/15/09

Note: I posted a spreadsheet on 11/14/09 that was not age adjusted. I would prefer for people to used the new age-adjusted spreadsheet. I posted it at 9:30 MST on 11/15/09, but will be leaving the non-age-adjusted one available.  Sorry for this inconvenience.  --Jeff   

I created UZR projections for the 2010 season and the values are available on Google Documents Spreadsheet  (original non age adjusted spreadsheet).  I got 4 years worth of UZR numbers from Fangraphs.  Then I did a 5-4-3-2 yearly weighting regressed to 125 games with a -0.7UZR aging factor (article where the math is explained). 

I selected for the worksheet any players that played in at least 63 games at the position over the last 4 years.  Some retired players are included, but I don't want to make any judgment on whether they will come back and play.  Also, for players who played in less than 63 games, I added their UZR value if it was greater than 1 or less than -1.  Sorry for the lack of team-wide charts, but I might add them near the beginning of the season once rosters are more finalized.  Please let me know if you have any questions about the data. Here are a couple charts of the projected leaders and laggards at each position (players that played that position in 2009).


Position Name Projected UZR
1B Albert Pujols 5.5
2B Chase Utley 11.0
3B Evan Longoria 11.0
SS Adam Everett 8.6
RF Austin Kearns 8.3
CF Franklin Gutierrez 14.8
LF Carl Crawford 9.8


Laggards (glad my Royals keep trading for such great glove men)

Position Name Projected UZR
1B Mike Jacobs -5.6
2B Kelly Johnson -5.2
3B Ryan Braun -12.4
SS Yuniesky Betancourt -9.7
RF Brad Hawpe -19.3
CF Jacoby Ellsbury -9.0
LF Adam Dunn -13.4

Help with downloading the file after the Jump

A couple of people have asked, so the spreadsheet can be downloaded by going to "File" -> "Download as" and then selecting desired file type.