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Assorted Links

Alex Anthopolous will lead the scouts' counter-revolution! Well, that or he will allocate his firm's capital to the resources expected to yield the highest internal rate of return. You know, one or the other.

Converting OPS into wOBA, or killing a fly with a grenade-launcher. I always thought wOBA ≈ (1.8*OBP + SLG)/3 worked pretty well, but what do I know?

What better way to commemorate the life of the man who ushered in the era of free agency? Why, an auction for his memorabilia on the open market, of course.

Jason Varitek can barely hit a fastball any more. His troubles are especially severe high and outside. "Walk the deck my captain lies..."

Chris Jaffe will be evaluating baseball's managers here. He will focus on topics other than in-game decisions.

Statistical analysis of basketball is called "tempo-free" statistics. Follow the link for a dummies guide and see here for more background. I absolutely love the name.