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Hall of Fame WAR Path: Center Field - Graph of the Day


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Today, a graph by numbers. (continued)


#. Name (Lifetime WAR) - Years through 2008

1. Kenny Lofton (67.2) - 17 - Makes an excellent case for himself, following the path of an HoFer to the end.

2. Jim Edmonds (67.7) - 16 - This chart says he should be in the HoF. Do you buy it?

3. Andruw Jones (57.8) - 13 - A nice, non-HoF arc.

4. Carlos Beltran (50.8) - 11 - If he played in KC for his entire career, I will not finish that thought.

5. Mike Cameron (42.6) - 14 - I really just wanted to add green to this chart. It offsets the other colors and pleases me. Seriously though, Cameron's career has been long and productive. But not HoF-worthy (according to this)


Make your case below.




Data Visualization: Justin Bopp | Data Collection: Sky Kalkman | Data Source:

Special thanks to Jeff Zimmerman and TangoTiger for providing the HoF Zone data.




Updated Chart before the jump. Here's the original, pre-suggestions: