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Chat Live With BtB On Tuesday At 2pm EST

Update II: It's go-time!  Click through to the full article to view the chat window.  We're early!

Update: Yes, that means either today or tomorrow, depending on when you read this.  We're like the Butterball hotline except for baseball instead of turkeys, so get your questions ready!

We're going to give this a try.  And even if the only success is fulfilling my life goal of hosting a live chat, well, that's still a success!  So mark it on your calendars and tell all your friends:

BtB Live Chat: Tuesday, February 3rd at 2pm EST

(That's right after a Joe Sheehan chat at BPro and right before a Tim Dierkes chat at MLBTradeRumors, if you're into those guys.)

I'll host the chat and let any of the other authors contribute their two cents if they're available.  When the time comes, click below to read the full post, and you'll see the chat window.  Get your questions ready!