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Garret Anderson Love

Courtesy of Jon Heyman (H/T AJM of LSB)

8. Garret Anderson. Here's another terrific hitter caught in a nightmare of a hitting market. He's been among the more productive outfielders in the AL over the last several years, and while he has seemingly been around forever, he's still only 36.)

Well, at least the word "underrated" didn't make its way into that snippet. This part caught my eye:

He's been among the more productive outfielders in the AL over the last several years

So I went to FanGraphs, pulled up the Value leaderboards over the last three years, hit the "AL" and "OF" tabs, and sent the data to Excel. Anderson has amassed ~54 runs in replacement value over this time, so I think it's fair to compare him to every AL outfielder with at least, say, 40 replacement runs?

That takes us down to 33 players.

I then ordered by wins. Here's the top 15:

Name Value Wins
Grady Sizemore 20.5
Curtis Granderson 14.4
Magglio Ordonez 13.7
Ichiro Suzuki 12.6
Alex Rios 12.2
Carl Crawford 11.6
Nick Markakis 10.9
Vladimir Guerrero 10
David DeJesus 9.9
Johnny Damon 9.7
Torii Hunter 8.2
Vernon Wells 8.1
Manny Ramirez 7.8
B.J. Upton 7.7
Nick Swisher 7.6 Garret. Well, how about the final 18?

Raul Ibanez 6
Coco Crisp 5.8
Jermaine Dye 5.7
Chone Figgins 5.6
Bobby Abreu 5.6
Casey Blake 5.5
Mark Teahen 5
Gary Matthews Jr. 4.7
Hideki Matsui 4
Michael Cuddyer 3.6
Garret Anderson 3.5
Emil Brown 3.3
Jose Guillen 2.3
Melky Cabrera 1.3
Jay Payton 1.2
Jason Kubel 0.5
Delmon Young -0.1

Ah, there he is! Just ahead of Emil Brown. At least he's a terrific hitter.

Name Team Batting Fielding Replacement Positional
Garret Anderson Angels 0.1 6.8 54.4 -26.1


I think it's for the best if I never take Jon Heyman seriously again.