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The Hardball Times 2009 Season Preview

While we here at Beyond the Boxscore feel we do an excellent job, its important to remember there is a ton of baseball information out there. Most of you have probably heard of The Hardball Times and their excellent annual they release with stories and research.

But for the past two years they've also released a second book before each season, The Hardball Times Season Preview.




While it has projections similar to the ones you can find from Bill James or Baseball Prospectus, even they will admit the projections don't set them apart from the other preview books. What they do have is a group of excellent writers covering each team, with in-depth analysis and insightful commentary about your favorite baseball club. BtB's own Harry Pavlidis wrote the section on the Chicago Cubs, and if it's anything like his work here or on Cubs f/x I think THT made an excellent choice.

The 2009 edition just went to print, and for further explanation I suggest David Gassko's recent article, which includes a couple sample pages about the Philadelphia Phillies. You can purchase the book from the ACTA website