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The A's Rotation

John Perrotto says this at BP:

The Athletics plan to go with Justin Duchscherer, Sean Gallagher, Dana Eveland, and Dallas Braden as their top four starters.

Here's what CHONE says about that:

Pitcher CHONE
Duke 4.23
Gallagher 4.71
Eveland 4.26
Braden 4.42

Pretty average, which is perfectly acceptable in that division, but I can't help but wonder if the A's shouldn't make a play at Ben Sheets. Yes, it leaves them with a hole at shortstop, but over the past three years Sheets has been just as valuable as Orlando Cabrera, despite the injury risk (Sheets 10.9 win value, Cabrera 10.1). Both are Type-A free agents, so that's neglible, and of course there's the value of the player they're replacing -- which seems to favor Cabrera. Not to mention, by proxy Cabrera should make the rest of the A's pitchers better.