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Ken Griffey Jr. Wants Work


“What most people don’t know is that Junior played the entire season at less than 100 percent,” said Goldberg. Griffey had his knee drained of fluid three times last season.

“He could have had surgery, but he decided to play, wanted to prove to the Reds that he could play and maybe get re-signed,” Goldberg added. “If not, then maybe he could get traded, which is what happened.”

Goldberg said his job now is to convince teams that Griffey still can be productive.

“I tell them to forget about last year because he wasn’t 100 percent,” said Goldberg. “I ask them to check out his 2007 season, when he was 37 and healthy.

Dayton Daily News

Well that's smart. Take one data point and pimp it hard. Since 2002, Griffey has been worth 5.8 wins total. Over the last three years: 0.2 and that's with more than 1,600 plate appearances. He's not even an average player anymore, but instead a platoon player at best.

Unfortunately for Griffey, this market isn't being kind to those types. Eric Hinske has yet to find work, despite being a better player, and there are a handful of "star" types still out there. Odds are, Griffey's not going to find work before February unless something drastic happens, and he very well ould be "freezed out".

Perhaps Brian Goldberg should talk to this newspaper next:

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