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Our FanShots Community

Have you ever clicked on this link?


If you have, you know it's a page dedicated to full-size FanShot entries.  Both BtB authors and readers contribute a lot of great stuff, from stories about how a team of free agent leftovers would fare to timely news links and high-quality (err, creative) charts and graphs.  I find it frustrating just viewing the FanShot titles in the right sidebar, so I've started checking out the FanShots page on a regular basis in addition to the BtB home page.

There's a lot of interesting baseball stuff being done on the web, and the six of us certainly can't find it all.  We need your help adding FanShots.  We're making it a goal to grow that piece of the site, which lets people discuss more topics than what we write about.  Check it out.  And feedback is always welcome.