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Bay Bridge Baseball: (1/16/09)

I wanted to use some stats to get an idea of which combo is better defensively, but I wasn't sure what numbers to use, so I consulted Farhan Zaidi, the A's top Numbers Geek (a phrase I use with all due respect, of course). He pushed me toward the ol' FRAA at Baseball Prospectus.

The same Zaidi, on Sabernomics: (5/25/05)

The industry in general has gotten better at quantifying fielding value, through zone ratings and the like. The biggest issue is getting that kind of fielding data at the minor league and amateur levels. In those instances, we’re still fairly reliant on scouting assessments of fielding ability and potential.

That means either Zaidi:

A) Changed his mind.

B) Wanted to keep things simple for the writer.

C) Wants someone else to place false emphasis on FRAA.

Almost certainly B, right?

(H/T: BBTF for the original link)