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Here's a Nice Test

For the new Mariners front office:

1. Jason Varitek, C, free agent: If the Sox can't come up with a young catcher like Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Taylor Teagarden, or even Miguel Montero, Varitek will likely be back. While it doesn't seem an obvious fit, a couple of Mariner advisers have talked up Varitek as someone who could help improve the Seattle pitching staff.

Varitek is a Type-A free agent, but the Mariners first round pick comes in the first half of the first round, meaning the pick is protected. That also means if Seattle were to sign him, they would forfeit their second round pick to Boston. Still, Varitek makes little to no sense for Seattle. Not only is this a team in need of the draft picks, but the Mariners all ready have a number of catchers at, or near, the major league level including Jeff Clement -- who needs playing time -- Rob Johnson, and Kenji Johjima.

Unlike Varitek, Johjima will not be 37-years old next April, however both were equally poor offensively. Johjima sat at -17.5 runs (park adjusted) and Varitek at -13.7 runs. Over the last three years, Varitek has been worse offensively than Johjima, and while there were murmurs of Johjima's communication skills lacking, the marginal value of Varitek's gameplan managing doesn't make for an improved Mariners team.

Just because Woody Woodward rejoined the Mariners does not mean they should commit a do-over with Varitek. Like signing Ken Griffey Jr., this move is void of logic, and for the first time in a while, we can assume this is more speculation than implication on Seattle's behalf.