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Community WAR Project 2009

Here's a chance for us internet know-it-alls to put our knowledge to the test.   Using the easy-to-use WAR spreadsheet (good instructions for rookies can be found via that link, too), we're going to project the 2009 performance of all thirty teams, player by player.

Eventually, this EditGrid spreadsheet will be filled with team projections.  Notice that anyone can view the document, but you need a password to modify it.  What I'm looking for is a volunteer from each team to:

  • Input initial team projections.
  • Encourage discussion at your blog and make changes based on fan consensus.
  • Update the page periodically until Opening Day.
  • Read and participate in the occasional discussion of best practices here at BtB.  (Nothing big, just a way to help promote some consistency across participants.)

If you're interested in being a team coordinator, leave a comment with your team, website, and email address.  As I fill volunteers, I'll send you the password to edit your team's page and add links to participating team blogs at the bottom of this thread.

By the time all the teams have data filled in, I'll add a 31st sheet summarizing team win predictions, expected standings, the best hitting teams, the best rotations, etc.  Just before Opening Day, I'll compile all the player data and write a series of articles summarizing the community's predicted MVPs, Cy Youngs, and best players at each position.

NL East
ATL - Talking Chop
FLA - Fish Stripes
NYM - Amazin' Avenue
PHI - The Good Phight
WAS - Federal Baseball

NL Central
CIN - Red Reporter
HOU - The Crawfish Boxes
MIL - Right Field Bleachers
STL - Play A Hard Nine

NL West
ARI - AZ Snakepit
COL - Purple Row
LAN - Dodger Sims
SFN - McCovey Chronicles

AL East
BAL - Frost King Baseball
BOS - Over The Monster
TBA - DRays Bay
TOR - Bluebird Banter

AL Central
MIN - Twinkie Town
KCA - Royals Review

AL West
OAK - Athletics Nation
TEX - Lone Star Ball