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The BBWAA Consists of the Foremost Expert Analysts

Mark Whicker is one of those. He proves it here.

American League MVP: It was Carlos Quentin's to lose, but he lost it, and now it's a scramble. Well over half the Angels' games were decided by one or two runs, and they were 61-28. They also won 19 one-run games on the road. The steward was Frankie Rodriguez, who also set a major league saves record. With an average closer, there is no Game 1 in Anaheim on Wednesday.


AL Rookie: Tampa Bay's Evan Longoria wins it although some feel Alexei Ramirez of the White Sox will be better.

Who feels that way?


AL Executive: The Angels' Tony Reagins brought home Torii Hunter and Mark Teixeira. His fun begins in November.

Andrew Friedman has a 40 million dollar payroll, had his team win 31 more games, and won the American League East title....with a 40 million dollar payroll.

I'm hoping this was a sarcastic article.