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Approval Voting And The NL MVP

If you know me in real life or through my old blog, you know that I absolutely love approval voting.  Instead of picking one choice out of many, you get to decide yes or no on every candidate, making the winner the player who is accepted by the most voters.

So let's attack the question of NL MVP via approval voting.  I've already presented my ballot, but now it's your turn.  I've listed every player getting significant MVP press and the top players by Justin's stats.  I haven't listed any pitchers, not because they shouldn't qualify, but because including them would have increased the size of the list significantly and no NL pitcher is really getting any MVP press this year.

All you need to do is vote for any and all players that you would approve of being named NL MVP.  That might be one player or it might be nine.  Basically, you are making a choice on every player listed -- yes, he's a good choice for MVP or no, he should not be MVP.  The poll closes Wednesday night.  (I have a hunch how this will turn out, but I'll keep it to myself for now.)