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Cutting Bases: The Yankees Will Never Learn, Albert Pujols, & the SBN Awards


From Jon Heyman's latest:

The Yankees will likely make a big play for Pirates center fielder Nate McLouth this winter.

The problem with that is, as Sky discussed, the Yankees need defensive help in a big way. McLouth is not a very good defender in center field, whereas Brett Gardner and Melky Cabrera are. Of course McLouth is the better hitter, but wouldn't the better investment be in the acquisition of a big-time hitter at a largerly irrelevant defensive position? Or even better, a good hitter who can also field.


Joe Posnanski took a look at Mark Reynolds, the first player in major league history to strike out 200 times in a season. Consider this: Reynolds strikes out about 38% of the time; Jack Cust strikes out 41% of the time. Albert Pujols strikes out 10% of the time. Conclusion: Albert Pujols is better than almost all.

Site News

I'm proud to announce that beginning October 6th Beyond the Boxscore will be the exclusive home for the annual SBN awards. The schedule is still a bit tetantative, but for those unfamiliar the SBN awards are voted upon by the site editors in the categories: Manager of the Year, Rookie of the Year, Cy Young, and MVP.