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The Bad and The Employed

I've written about chemistry in the past, here, if you don't care to read that (and I don't blame you) just take this handy chart into consideration:


Today I want to briefly discuss the myth that "bad guys" don't get additional shots. I can run through the list of guys who get second chances; Sidney Ponson for instance, but this sums it up quite well:


Good Poor
Talent Good Perfect Tolerable
Poor Cheerleader Spectator 

Think about it, how many bad players (who are also dicks) have gotten second or third chances? One, maybe? The truth is -- and make no mistake this is hardly groundbreaking -- if you are really good at baseball nobody is going to care how big of a jerk you are. You don't think that Beethovan's piano teacher would've dismissed him for rolling his eyes at him, do you? Players can do stuff like throw chairs inside of general managers' offices or be suspended from the game for off the field issues and still get another shot as long as they have that talent.