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When Vet Relievers Change Teams

BAL trades RP Chad Bradford for a PTBNL from TB

Bradford is the owner of a funky delivery chronicled in Moneyball. He's not a strikeout pitcher (only 2.90 K/9 this season) however he doesn't walk anyone either and gets an amazing amount of groundballs (nearly 70%) which makes him a nice fit for the Rays infield defense.  He's also the owner of a sub-4 FIP and a 2.64 BERA.

Bradford is only 33 and is under contract through next season at 3.5 million.

As for the PTBNL, well, he's a player, and he'll be named at some point "later".

CHC trades RP Scott Eyre for PHI P Brian Schlitter

I don't know a ton about Schlitter but this doesn't seem like too bad of a deal for either side. The Cubs dump salary and get a nice little arm in return for a guy they didn't have a need for and the Phillies get much needed relief help after missing out on Ron Mahay.