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Gotta Eat

Eddie Guardado: Coach, you wanted to see me?

Ron Washington: Eddie, we've had a pretty good run this season, and without you I don't think we make it quite this far, but...

Eddie Guardado: But?

Ron Washington: You've been traded to Minnesota kid, you're back in the playoff race.

Eddie Guardado: Wow, I don't know what to say. I'm happy, I like Minnesota, but I have so many friends you know what they dealt me for?

Ron Washington: Hamburger.

Eddie Guardado:  ...

Ron Washington: What?

Eddie Guardado: What did they deal me for?

Ron Washington: I told you, Hamburger.

Eddie Guardado:

Eddie Guardado: I thought you were above this kind of potshot man, I respected you, but you cut deep man.

Ron Washington: No, no Eddie, Mark Hamburger.

Eddie Guardado: Like "Mark's hamburger" right? Ha-ha! Real funny guy.

Ron Washington: He's a minor league pitcher, here, here's his Baseball-Reference page.

Eddie Guardado: you weren't making a fat joke?

Ron Washington: Absolutely not.

Eddie Guardado:  Is that really all they got for me?

Ron Washington: Yes. Well, and the Twins agreed to eat the rest of your small fry of a deal.

Eddie Guardado:

Ron Washington: That was a fat joke. I am sorry.