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Hating on the Mariner's front office for a missed opportunity is a bit easy and redundant, but this is startling. Apparently the Twins offered Boof Bonser for Jarrod Washburn, and the Mariners somehow said no. Here are the problems with that

1.Boof Bonser is a better, younger, and cheaper pitcher than Jarrod Washburn. His 4.33 tRA (thanks StatCorner!) as a starter is well below the Mariners rotation average.
2. The Mariners front office likely looked at Bonser's 6.37 ERA and immediately wrote him off as a bad pitcher.
3. Wait, why are the Twins after Washburn anyways?
4. And why are they offering Bonser for a pitcher with a 5.16 tRA?
5. Washburn is due 10.35 million next year. Not only is that overpaying, that's like paying 50 dollars for a day old newspaper.

I really don't know what either side is thinking.