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Still Fishing

A while ago we looked Pittsburgh's bullpen and their walking tendencies, I checked up on them to see if they still happened to lead the league in that category and was (pleasantly?) surprised to see that Pittsburgh actually slipped back to fifth. The Florida Marlins now lead the league in bullpen walks and are fifth in strikeouts, let's look at a few of their pieces.

Of the relievers with at least 10 innings only two, Doug Waechter and Joe Nelson, have a K/BB ratio over 2, with Justin Miller just at 2. Re-read that. Again. Once more. Only three relievers with 10 or more innings have struck out at least twice the number that they've walked. Take a look at the ratios:

Pitcher BB K K/BB
Nelson 7 20 2.86
Waechter 16 38 2.38
Miller 19 38 2
Tank 8 13 1.63
Kensing 25 37 1.48
Pinto 31 44 1.42
Lindstrom 17 22 1.29
Gregg 27 33 1.22

So a bullpen that walks a ton of guys combined with an average defense. This can't end well.