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Reid Brignac Promoted

A scout told me Brignac projects as Stephen Drew with "More power, less OBP", something which makes my head hurt when you consider Drew's .295 OBP this season. He also said Brignac won't cost you any runs at shortstop but isn't necessarily above average when compared to other six holers.

PECOTA has Brignac at .238/.296/.405 this season, an OPS of .701 which puts him between supposed offensive juggernauts Julio Lugo and Derek Jeter, not too shabby for a 22 year old. The top comparisons are Brandon Phillips, Pokey Reese, and Kelly Johnson thrown in. Really all of his comparisons are all over the place, for every Carlos Beltran there's a Nic Jackson, and with a player this young it's really hard to judge his future.

Brignac would seemingly be able to stick at shortstop long term, but my question is will his bat hold up? His home/road splits favor Durham strongly, including a large jump in OBP which seems a bit odd. Brignac should get most of the playing time over Ben Zobrist for the next two weeks and could force his way into a starting job.