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Rauch for Bonifacio?

I guess Jim Bowden couldn't allow Ed Wade to top him in the huh factor today as this trade just went down:

Arizona acquired right-hander Jon Rauch from the Nationals on Tuesday in exchange for second baseman Emilio Bonifacio.

Wait. What? Rauch is a 29 year old with a really good contract in place through 2010 and excellent peripherals this season. Bonifacio is a 23 year old second baseman with wheels and leather but little pop although his IsoD have hovered around .050 the past three seasons.

Dealing Rauch isn't the big issue here, but dealing him for an incomplete second baseman and only an incomplete second baseman is. I just can't imagine this being the Nationals best offer, not when teams like the Red Sox, Rays, and Yankees are searching for bullpen fixes.