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Short Post of the Day: Hackiness

Using Fangraph's leaderboards, here are the 10 players least likely to hack at a pitch outside of the zone:


Name Team O-Swing%
Jack Cust Athletics 12.23%
Marco Scutaro Blue Jays 12.81%
B.J. Upton Rays 14.57%
Troy Glaus Cardinals 14.66%
Daric Barton Athletics 14.72%
Bobby Abreu Yankees 14.85%
Chipper Jones Braves 14.94%
Brian Giles Padres 15.57%
Jason Giambi Yankees 15.62%
Johnny Damon Yankees 16.62%

And the 10 most likely:


Name Team O-Swing%
Yuniesky Betancourt Mariners 34.62%
Josh Hamilton Rangers 35.18%
Ryan Braun Brewers 35.28%
Jeff Francoeur Braves 35.66%
Mike Jacobs Marlins 35.71%
Bengie Molina Giants 36.67%
Delmon Young Twins 38.52%
A.J. Pierzynski White Sox 38.82%
Carlos Gomez Twins 39.15%
Vladimir Guerrero Angels


Is it just me or is there a difference between being "aggressive" and being "hacky"? For instance let's say a player has a 20% O-Swing, which is really good, but only sees 3.6 P/PA, not great, but if he's not swinging outside of the zone he's simply attacking the pitches inside of the zone early in the count. Meanwhile a player with a high O-Swing%, no matter the P/PA, is "hacky" to me. Does anyone else have similar definitions?