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How Good is B.J. Upton? Very.

Don't you just love it when young players show progression? Last season Upton's line was .300/.386/.508, very good for the 22 year old, and entering Sunday Upton sat at .300/.407/.442. Granted his power numbers are slightly off - although last season he had 50 total extra base hits with half being doubles and 24 others being homers, through Saturday he had 22 extra base hits with 17 being doubles and four being homers. Amazingly Upton has stolen 20 bases all ready this season, he stole 22 in more than double the games last season, and as for those issues with striking out (154 last season) his current ratio extrapolated to 162 games has him striking out 14 less times while he's on pace for 113 walks, partly due to his great eye and almost stubborn refusal to swing at anything out of the zone (only 14.29% of the time).

A lot of talk goes to Justin Upton and his supreme talents, but let's not forget that the "other" Upton brother is really, really good at baseball too.