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Vizquel < Father Time

At what point does a putrid bat outweigh a putrid bat? That's a question the San Francisco Giants need to answer heading into the trade deadline. Okay logically speaking a 41 year old with an OPS sub .415 has about as much positive value to other teams as an outbreak of the bird flu, but this is a 41 year old who still has a very good glove. Could a contender find a spot on the bench for Vizquel's glove?

Asking him to bat would be an injustice to the team, but he's made the same number of out of zone plays as David Eckstein in roughly 13 games worth of innings less. Baseball Prospectus has Vizquel at -14 BRAA and 4 FRAA, which tells you all you need to know about why he's no longer a starter, and especially not on the Giants:

Player Age OPS
Bocock 23 0.414
Burriss 23 0.709
Vizquel 41 0.414

It wasn't too long ago that Bocock was the punch line of offensive inability, but even Jose Vidro is out-performing Vizquel by more than .100 points of OPS. The worst part here is that Burriss actually has a positive FRAA and a neutral BRAA as a 23 year old with only 60 or so at-bats above A-ball and yet he's not playing. In fact since Vizquel returned on May 10th Burriss has started in 11 of the 45 games, roughly less than a quarter of the time.

At some point the Giants are going to be forced into benching Vizquel for Burriss, unfortunately this should be that point and yet I'm quite confident that Vizquel's victory lap will include five starts a week.