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Ad/Plug Post of the Month

You might be familiar with Eric Seidman from Statistically Speaking and a few recent BP articles, if so I have just the book for you...

Seidman has recently released his first book, Bridging the Statistical Gap, and here's the snippet which explains things much better than I can:

Bridging the Statistical Gap combines the teaching style of introductory books with the research techniques of advanced publications in order to serve as a fan's first foray into sabermetrics. Up and coming writer Eric J. Seidman attempts to shift the mindset that statistical analysis is intimidating by breaking down complicated concepts into fun and easily understandable lessons. By the end of this book you will be able to conduct your own effective and fun statistical analyses's Jayson Stark wrote the foreword, so if nothing else that gives the title some added credibility. At least until you discover that I was asked for a quote concerning the piece that was included on page two of the preview amongst people who actually matter like David Pinto, Cyril Morong, and Jonah Keri. So if you're interested in learning some more about statistics go ahead and pick this one up.

And yes, the Joe Posnanski-esque linkfest was required.