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Clutch is Random: Take 322

Watching the Cubs/Rays series last night I noticed a pretty consistent trend amongst Aramis Ramirez' at-bats, specifically it seemed that every time he came up to the plate there was at least one runner on, and yet Ramirez did next to nothing. I decided to go back and look over Ramirez' 12 at-bats to see if I was correct in my assessment or just cherry picking memories, and here's what I found:


At-Bat Bases Pitches Result
1 1__ 7 K
2 1__ 8 F8
3 123 5 K
4 ___ 5 K
5 ___ 5 H
6 ___ 6 K
7 1_3 1 F9
8 ___ 4 G4-3
9 1__ 2 F9
10 1__ 4 K
11 1__ 3 F7
12 _23 1 F9

Now I can't say it's unexpected that the team with the highest on-base percentage gets a ton of runners on in front of their cleanup hitter, but four per game seemed a bit high. As it turns out Ramirez has had 123 at-bats with runners on, and roughly 151 total runners. In those at-bats Ramirez is hitting a robust .293/.397/.545, yet Ramirez went hitless during the seven at-bats during the series, welcome to the random world of "clutch" hitting.