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Griffey Jr. Makes Absolutely No Sense for the Rays

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The new "hot" rumor sweeping the baseball world is the idea of Ken Griffey Jr. heading to St. Petersburg to join those young surging Rays. It seems that nobody has actually realized that Griffey Jr.  wouldn't even be an upgrade for the Rays. His name brings market attention and the public eye, but the Rays could just as easily access that by signing a true upgrade in Barry Bonds.

Earlier this season the Rays spun former second round pick Joshua Butler to the Milwaukee Brewers for outfielder Gabe Gross. In May Gross hit .268/.375/.463 and on the season has an OPS of .743 (.792 for the Rays) meanwhile Griffey's OPS is only .758 which looks a lot like his second half OPS last season. Something else being overlooked is the Rays focus on defense this season, Griffey Jr. would seemingly take Gross' reps in right field, where Gross has a .911 RZR and has made 10 out of zone plays. Griffey on the other hand has a RZR of .790 but has made more out of zone plays, given more playing time, with 21.

Gross is also younger and cheaper, fitting in line with his status as a role player and even with Cliff Floyd possibly retiring at the end of this season, having Floyd/Griffey on the same team for the remaining few months is a redudancy, and not one the Rays should be interested in.