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Ned Yost May or May Not Like Ben Sheets

We all know that Ben Sheets isn't exactly the most durable of pitchers and could realistically break down at any moment. Naturally Ned Yost has let Sheets throw 120 pitches or more in two of his last three starts, moving Sheets all the way up to third in Pitcher Abuse Points . Roy Halladay, who's antics we talked about not too long ago is 17th, and the highest ranked Dusty Baker opperated pitcher is Bronson Arroyo at 20th.

The Brewer zeitgeist is to not trust that bullpen -- tricky as expected -- but Sheets'  trade  value is on the line with every pitch he throws and even if the Brewers aren't trading Sheets that gives them more of a reason to preserve his arm.

I know, the rule is don't let pitchers throw when they're tired and that pitch counts aren't to be taken too literally, but Yost and the Brewers are playing with fire if this continues, and given how things are going it wouldn't surprise me if Sheets had to take 15 days off sometime soon.