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BTB Notebook 5/5/08

  • I'd like to point something out about batting average and our current league leader Chipper Jones. He's batting .425/.472/.717, but of his 48 hits Chipper leads the league in singles with 33, accounting for 68.75% of his hits, for his career Chipper hits have been roughly 60.2% singles.
  • Nate McLouth has seen the most pitches in MLB, roughly 630 of em with Mark Ellis is second with 612. On the other end of players with at least 140 PAs sits Carl Crawford with only 452 pitches seen, and only 37.6% strikes.
  • The A's really do instill to their hitters to take a pitch, regardless of it's future call, if it isn't "their" pitch. Ellis, Daric Barton, and Bobby Crosby are amongst the top 25 in strikes seen.
  • Of players with at least 100 PAs Jason Giambi has the fewest singles hit of the 191 qualifiers with four.  In 2007 Koyie Hill only hit nine singles in 105 plate appearances, in 2006 Antonio Perez hit three, and in 2005 Frank Thomas hit eight.