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Don't Call Him a Doctor

A quick post here on Memorial Day for those checking in.

Roy Halladay is simply amazing: 11 games, 81 innings, 10 starts, 5 complete games. Perhaps the most impressive part of Halladay's domination is his efficiency, take a look at the pitches total of the top five inning throwers.


Halladay 81 1092 13.48
Blanton 80.3 1230 15.32
Harang 78.7 1233 15.67
Cook 76.7 1064 13.87
Hamels 76.3 1149 15.06

That's incredible, and assuming Halladay stays healthy it wouldn't a stretch to have him pegged for nearly 250 innings this season. The last player to do that was Livan Hernandez in 2004, he threw 255 innings.