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What? Wait, No.

From Jon Heyman's new column:

• Looks like a year of adjustment was all Daisuke Matsuzaka needed.

Now Heyman doesn't specify exactly what trait he's discussing but let's hope it's not baseball, and more so pitching. Just take a look at his peripherals from this and last year:

2007: 8.84 K/9, 3.52 BB/9, 2.51 K/BB, 18 LD%, .306 BABIP

2008: 7.95 K/9, 5.70 BB/9, 1.39 K/BB, 17.8 LD%, .242 BABIP

Perhaps Heyman said this sarcastically -- I hope -- or he was discussing Matsuzaka's improved English skills. We all know how hard it is for Japanese battery mates to communicate with their American counterparts -- right Jarrod Washburn? Obviously it would seem that Matsuzaka should benefit from a year, but he's not at this point, and to assume so simply based on an improved ERA and 8-0 record is simply mindblowing. I'm confident his numbers will drift to reality, but if the season ended today it's quite possible a pitcher with a 5.7 BB/9 would win the Cy Young.