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Dear Bill Bavasi,

Please, for the love of all that is Felix Hernandez, do not trade for Ken Griffey Jr. Look, I know you have memories of Griffey destructing on your Angels, but this isn't the same Griffey. This version of Griffey is quite possibly the worst full time player in baseball , and to deal young talent for him largely on nostalgic memories, like this:



Yes, he was a great player, but no, your team is not in the position to be dealing for 38 year olds who are clearly going downhill. But if you absolutely must acquire an older left-handed bat who will likely end up as the team's designated hitter, then I have a solution. Remember this guy?

He's looking for work, and he could outhit Jose Vidro's 51 OPS+ on one leg, and you wouldn't have to give up young talent, which is becoming as rare to get as black oil, but that's even if you still consider the Mariners a contender. What you should try and do is actually move your veterans for youngsters, kinda like what Bill Stoneman did in Anaheim after taking over for you with Jim Edmonds.