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Daily Roundup 4/9/08

I apologize for the late version of the DR, I wanted to give Peter some more first post time.

Links of the Day:

- More on Jordan Schafer and HGH. With no real tests for HGH it seems Schafer either confessed on his own or had a teammate report him. Either way it's 50 games and the likelihood of him finishing the season as the Atlanta Braves center fielder is all but dead.

- Tango takes a look at the intentional walk. Interestingly enough Rays manager Joe Maddon intentionally walked Raul Ibanez twice last night to face Richie Sexson with the bases loaded. Sexson burned the Rays twice, and the Mariners would go on to win 6-5. Small sample size? Yes, but walking the bases loaded just doesn't seem to work.

Pic of the Day: Get well soon, Doug


Best Pitching Matchup: Jeremy Bonderman v. Jon Lester