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Reds Fire Krivsky

Walt Jocketty is replacing him, but for now let's look at Krivsky's brief if not illustrious career in Cincinnati. Taking over in February of 2006

Signing Scott Hatteberg (1 year 750k, later turned into a 2 year ~3.3 million dollar extension)

A very smart move by Krivsky, Hatteberg was coming off of a down year in Oakland and allowed to walk in favor of Dan Johnson and Frank Thomas. A low risk move Hatteberg rebounded to perform at above average levels in 2006 and 2007, serving as a placeholder for prospect Joey Votto. Hatteberg's VORP was a combined 42 in 06/07, and if a win is valued at two million he should've made nearly eight million the past two seasons.

Trading Wily Mo Pena to the Boston Red Sox for Bronson Arroyo

An exchange of spare parts, the Reds came out on top as Pena didn't find himself in Boston's outfield as a regular either, but Arroyo emerged as an All-Star, even if only for the 2006 season. Arroyo has since regressed however Pena is now on the Washington Nationals. Per VORP the Reds came out on top ~96 to ~10.

Trading minor leaguer Bobby Basham to the San Diego Padres for Dave Ross

Chalk up yet another win for Krivsky and the Reds; Basham hasn't done much in the Padres system while Ross tore it up in 2006, hitting .255/.353/.573, but had a stinker of a 2007. Still, Krivsky through this point has shown a knack for being  savvy in trades.

Trading a player to be named later to the Cleveland Indians for Brandon Phillips

Say it with me now: victory. Phillips hasn't been great minus 2006 however he was essentially a dump.

Trading Travis Chick to the Seattle Mariners for Eddie Guardado

This is starting to get old. Even I'm wondering when do the moves begin to go downhill. Chick is in the M's minor league system and hasn't became a factor yet, but Guardado became the Reds lock-down closer in 2006, injuries have since slowed him and he's now a Texas Ranger.

Trading Austin Kearns, Felipe Lopez, and Ryan Wagner to the Washington Nationals for Gary Majewski, Royce Clayton, Brendan Harris, Bill Bray, and Daryl Thompson.

The Reds would lose out on ~20 VORP from Kearns and ~13 from Lopez, but this deal isn't nearly as bad as it seemed at the time. Krivsky would later ship Harris out for cash right before he broke out.

Acquired Jared Burton and Josh Hamilton through the Rule 5 draft

This may be Krivsky's peak, both contributed quite a bit to last year's team and at the cost of a few thousand dollars. Burton remains with the Reds, but Hamilton has since been traded for Edison Volquez, a move not far enough removed to actually comment on the outcome quite yet.

Of course there are some other moves (giving Corey Patterson a major league deal, Mike Stanton, perhaps selling low on Kyle Lohse and Chris Denorfia, ect.) to examine, but all in all Krivsky helped to rebuild a lacking Reds' farm system and didn't rob the major league team of too much talent to do so, much like how he helped to build the Minnesota Twins system.