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Who Needs a DH?

If you would've asked a baseball fan in the late 1990's for their top 20 players I'm almost positive Barry Bonds, Frank Thomas, Mike Piazza, and Sammy Sosa would've popped up. As we stand today none of them have a job, and only the former two seem to be in any sort of demand, so where could The Big Hurt and Bonds possibly land? Let's take a look at some possible DH jobs.

Toronto: Obviously Thomas is no longer an option, but Bonds might be. America's most hated may become Canada's most loved if Adam Lind fails to build upon his hot start in Syracuse (.360/.411/.640). J.P. Ricciardi hasn't seemed to care what critics think of his work during his tenure -- remember the "White Jays" incident? -- so a PR hit wouldn't be too much of a concern for the charging Jays.

Detroit: Recent reports suggests the Tigers aren't too interested in signing Bonds despite manager Jim Leyland's past with the slugger. Thomas however could be a more intriguing option. Signing Thomas for the required 320k also may bump Jacque Jones out the lineup, a plus for the ever slumping 33 year old with the OPS+ of 11.

Tampa Bay: Eric Hinske and Jonny Gomes are hitting well, and they recently added Dan Johnson, plus Cliff Floyd could return by June, so the question is where would they fit all the pieces? A Bonds signing has been rumored since the off-season, but clubhouse atmosphere was thrown around for a team with a bunch of youngsters and a few veterans sprinkled in. Thomas doesn't have the rep of Bonds (either with the bat or in the clubhouse) but he does has some murmurs of being a malcontent at times.

Seattle: Even if Thomas is done -- his line drive percentage is within career low 12% territory and a recent slow starter -- he's probably better than Jose Vidro, in fact Jay Buhner could probably outhit Vidro right now. It's a bit peculiar that the Mariners would make the Erik Bedard move as a way of saying "Hey, don't forget about us as contenders!" Only to keep Vidro as their designated hitter with the best option on the open market.

Texas: They just called up German Duran and with Frank Catalanotto amongst others sitting around they'd have to create some space. A lineup with Josh Hamilton, Milton Bradley, a resurgent Hank Blalock, Michael Young, Ian Kinsler, and Bonds/Thomas is nothing to blink at. They still wouldn't make the playoffs barring some pitching miracles, but a fun offense none the less.

Obviously there's no guarantee any of the teams makes a move for either however it's a fun exercise none the less.