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Daily Roundup 4/2/08

Daily Links:

The Rays extended Dan Wheeler yesterday. In November I speculated I would do the same, only I estimated it would take 4/19, they got Wheeler for 4/14, good deal for the Rays.

Apparently the news that Alex Rodriguez makes more than the Florida Marlins entire roster is "breaking" to some. Frankly it's unacceptable and now that Jeff Loria is getting his new stadium it better end the player carousal down there. As I've said before, do the loyal Marlin fans a favor and re-sign Hanley Ramirez for as much as it takes, and then try and find an outfield spot for him.

Putting a face on tendencies? That's what a professor has done for managerial decisions. If nothing else the pictures are amusing, particularly Bruce Bochy's, I wouldn't blame him if his head explodes.

Is Jason Bay done? Gifs and analysis suggest there's something wrong with him.

BTB alum and friend Richard Wade has a new site, go check out International Blog on Balls.


Pic of the Day: Okay, so it's from opening day, but still the angle is awesome.


 100 Words on: Mets v. Marlins


After a Luis Gonzalez homerun the Marlins announcers were quick to point out that only two left fielders in the history of the game have more career jacks than Gonzo: Barry Bonds and Ted Williams. The ironic part? Gonzalez was playing right field. Pedro Martinez didn't have a great night on the mound, but somehow toughed out a 12 pitch at-bat as the hitter facing Rick VandenHurk with the senior VandenHurk sitting in the stands keeping track of every pitch.

Best Pitching Matchup: Tim Lincecum v. Chad Billingsley