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What Could've Been...

Tom Verducci included a story about J.P. Ricciardi offering Frank Catalanotto for Johnny Cueto back when Wayne Krivsky first took over as the Reds' general manager. The concept of the deal happening is quite intriguing. The Jays would be looking at a rotation of Roy Halladay, A.J. Burnett, Dustin McGowan, Cueto, and Shaun Marcum while only shipping the recently sub-par Catalanotto out. 

Not to spend too much time on an old offer, but consider the VORP transfer taking place. Cueto is projected to average a VORP near 12 over the next seven seasons while Catalanotto figures to decline quickly over the next several seasons as he hits his mid-30's. The deal wouldn't have been just a steal, but a heist that rivals Kazmir for Zambrano in recent memory.

It goes to prove that even real general managers try and pull quick ones every now and then.