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Daily Roundup 4/10/08

Links of the Day:

- Dan Johnson was designated for assignment by the Oakland A's. The Giants pouncing on Johnson seems like a given, but it is the Giants so there is a possibility they'd rather give Andres Galarraga another shot instead. In all seriousness though, Johnson would be an upgrade over Rich Aurilia and most of the lineup; Johnson's 108 OPS+ last season tops every then and now Giant minus Aaron Rowand and of course Barry Bonds.

- Remove Trevor Hoffman from the closer's spot? We should be at the point where after a week and a half of the season a struggling player is just that, struggling, not done or busted. Last year it was Mariano Rivera after a month, this year Hoffman, next year maybe Joe Nathan. Stuff like this happens.

- The Mets aren't fans of democracy.

Pic of the Day: Napoli showing off his tattoo and glove.


Best Pitching Matchup: Tim Hudson v. Jeff Francis