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Daily Roundup

Links of the Day:

  • Moneyball? MONEYBALL?! Yeah, another Moneyball article. Most influential baseball book since the Abstracts, no doubt.
  • You have to admit, Elmer Befuddled is a clever nickname. 
  • Javier Vazquez to the Rays? I'm all for it, but not at this price, suggested by Tim Dierkes.

Pic of the Day: A legend is born



100 Words on: Brewers v. Cubs


Corey Hart drove in two runs with a double in the 9th, giving the Brewers a 3-0 lead at the time. Kosuke Fukudome’s 3-3 performance is, to say the least, a pretty impressive debut. Previous Japanese import debuts: Akinori Iwamura 1-3 (2007), Kazuo Matsui 3-5 (2004), Hideki Matsui 1-4 (2003), and Ichiro Suzuki 2-5 (2001). Ben Sheets and Carlos Zambrano’s scoreless duel that melted into extras included 10 1-2-3 half innings, that’s 30 of the 60 outs resulting from sitting hitters down in order, pretty amazing. Carlos Zambrano left the game with forearm tightness, although not much concern has been expressed.

Chess Move to Watch for: The handling of Octavio Dotel and Tom Gordon after implosions.

Best Pitching Matchup: Roy Halladay v. Chien Mien Wang.



Hey Only 55 Left... Countless players are now 55 games from matching Joe DiMaggio's longest hit streak.